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Meet Carl Hunt

Commercial Truck Driver

About Carl Hunt

delivery driver

Carl was born in 1970 at the old Springhill Hospital.  After attending Vo-Tech in Minden he started driving 18-wheelers after obtaining his commercial driver’s license, or CDL as most truckers call it. Later Carl started working in the oil field and worked for a number of companies.  In 2017 he moved back to Springhill from Texas where he took a job with our company as our commercial truck driver.  Carl gives much credit to his mom and dad and the principles he was taught growing up.  He is a member of the Springhill Pentecostal Church where he enjoys fund raisers with his wife Angie.  Carl likes keeping up with local events as well as the national news, not to mention the weather.  Carl enjoys learning from our customers and getting ideas to help him with his projects, and also helping our customers with their needs.  He loves to save our customers money, keeping our large delivery truck in compliance, making deliveries, and playing occasional practical jokes on the B & S staff.  Above all, Carl enjoys living in Springhill and not being on the road or away from home.