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Valspar Paints


B&S Home Centers is proud to anounce their great lineup of Valspar Paint.    No mnatter what your need is, interior or exterior, we have your paint, and we have your paint in your color. With the Valspar guarantees, it's hard to go wrong with this product. Come in today and let Mary or Chris mix that special color.     Our customers can go two ways on paint selection. We have the ability to match your sample using our methods of analyzing your color.     We also offer hundreds of samples to choose from.


To bring in a sample for matching, we need a smooth patch of paint at least one inch wide.     A paint stiring stick width is excellent for us to sample.     We can also match your paint in liquid form by applying some to a paint stiring stick and drying before analyzing.     Also come in and see our samples of texture such as semi-gloss, eggshell, satin, etc.     We have your paint, and we have your specialists, so come in today and let us help get your project going.     Why settle for less?     You'll love our Valspar products!