Boucher & Slack Since 1938

A Springhill Family Legacy

The History of B & S

The roots of B&S Home Center go back to a 1938 telephone call made to Jesse L. Boucher by his first cousin Drayton R. Boucher. Jesse had been studying physical education at LSU with the intent of becoming a football coach upon graduation. Drayton had other plans for his cousin that he thought of more as a brother. He simply told Jesse to quit school and return to Springhill, his home town, to become partners in a new insurance business.


The two men started Boucher Insurance as equal partners with most of the initial funding furnished by Drayton. As the company grew and Drayton was, at the time, involved with many other projects, including his being a state representative, he sold his share of the company to Wilburn Slack, also of Springhill. The name was changed to Boucher and Slack Insurance, a name still synonymous with insurance in Springhill to this day.

Jesse and Wilburn soon expanded into a diverse array of business including, construction, retain sales, real estate development, property management, and hardware sales. In 1957 they opened B & S Supply as an outlet for building materials. After the passing of Wilburn and Jesse, the various branches of the business were divided among the Boucher and Slack heirs. The name was changed from B & S Supply to B & S Home Centers, and is now owned by the daughters of Jesse and Eloise Boucher.