Boucher & Slack Since 1938

To Our Customers

A Letter From Our Manager

Often things in life go full circle.  A good example of this is the story of Boucher and Slack, and the businesses that were spun off from the initial insurance company founded by my father, Drayton R. Boucher, and Jesse L. Boucher in 1938.  The story of our beginnings is included in this website, and should make for interesting reading.  What most people do not know is that after my father helped direct his younger cousin into the business world, some 35 years later, Jesse asked me if I would like to have a job with the company.  I had graduated from NSU in Natchitoches a short time before and thought the job would be a good learning experience.  I firmly believe that it was Jesse’s way of paying a favor back to my father.

There was limited access to Jesse Boucher in those days, as he was extremely busy with operations in several states.  Yet, I got a desk about 8 feet from Jesse’s.  For a year before I decided to go to graduate school for the first time, I got to watch the man at close range.  I did not make a great deal of money that year, but I learned a whole lot about business.  After two master’s degrees and a doctorate in engineering, followed by 33 years as a university professor, I retired and moved back to Springhill.


Last May I was asked by my cousins Sherry and Savannah, two of Jesse’s daughters, if I would meet with them.  I did and was surprised as to the reason.  They were not satisfied with the direction of the Company and wanted someone to direct it into higher profitability, and in general give it a solid direction for the future.  I love a challenge, and thus could not resist the offer.

To me the amazing thing was that in helping the Company I used many of the skills that the sister’s father taught me.  I would like to think that he gained business experience from my father, his first business partner.  Since May, I have made many changes, and most of them have forwarded the business.  There are many factors as to why a business does better, and I do not take credit for all of the improvement, but I feel I have given a part of our history in Springhill a direction, and a fresh outlook for the future.  We are doing well, and have had a great year.  We expect next year to be our best year ever.

The thanks don’t go to me, or even just to our dedicated employees, but the thanks for our success go to the people, our customers, that have made us what we are.  I thank you for your patronage, and I hope we can continue to serve this area with fine products and great service.  I am also thankful that the synergy started 80 years ago still exists.

Gary R. Boucher

General Manager – B & S Home Centers