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Meet Elmore Lewis

Product and Plumbing Specialist

About Elmore

valued employee since 1957

Elmore Lewis was born in Taylor, Arkansas in 1933, and has lived there all his life. He went to Walker High School in Magnolia. He has been a farmer, and also worked at Piggly Wiggly for a while, but for the last 60 years has been an employee of B&S and as much as anyone helped to build this business. Actually, Elmore said, “60 wonderful years!” Or maybe Mary Daniel put that in when she interviewed him for his information. Either way, Elmo or just Moe, as he is often called enjoys his job, and we enjoy Elmo. Elmo says he used to garden, but now just works in the yard. He’s a deacon at the St. Paul Baptist Church in Taylor, and attends every time the doors are open. We’re trying, and will eventually get a photo of Elmo at Walmart after church when he is dressed up in his formal western attire. Elmo loves Walker Texas Rangers as his favorite TV show. We asked Elmo about the funniest things he has seen at work. He said, “When customers think they know more than me about plumbing!” Elmore's favorite thing is to help customers solve problems, especially plumbing problems.