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Meet Jo Ann Boucher

Point of Sale and Inventory

About Jo Ann Boucher

our resident yankee

Jo Ann Boucher started working for us at B & S in May of 2017 as a point-of-sale cashier . Jo, as she is usually known, is from Iron Mountain, Michigan, in the upper peninsula region about 100 miles north of Green Bay, Wisconsin.  If you think lower Michigan is cold, you should try the upper part.  We refer to the city of her birth as the North Pole! Yes, Jo is definitely of Yankee origin, but she loves Louisiana and is acclimating very well.  Jo is a trained chef, and has worked at numerous locations in the food service business, including Southern Arkansas University in Magnolia.  She loves cooking, and gardening, but says the Louisiana bugs eat everything she plants.  She has two sons and a daughter, and also one grandson, Phoenix.  There is a hardware store rumor that Jo is having some sort of “thing” with the general manager, Gary Boucher.  This may very well be true.  But, we just accept it because she happens to be married to our general manager, Gary Boucher.  Everyone knows how those office rumors go.