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Meet Mary Milliken

Product and Paint Specialist

About Mary Milliken

lady of a thousand expressions

Mary Millikan graduated from McGehee, Arkansas High School, and then attended Spencer-Draughan Business College.  She’s lived here in Springhill for most of her married life.  Mary’s thing is decorating. She loves to help customers find what they need for that perfect home décor.  She has so many good friends that rely on her judgement.  She loves her Central Baptist Church, her trips to Bronson, HGTV (Of course!) and NCIS New Orleans.  She and her husband Horace also enjoy watching westerns.  Customers love to tease Mary, and she can tease back at a second’s notice.  She says that is one of the things that make her job so enjoyable.  Mary has been with B & S since 1971, except for a couple of years she and Horace lived in the Shreveport area.  She will quickly tell you that B&S is virtually her whole life.  She says she really likes her job and her co-workers.  There is no doubt here at the store as to the authenticity of that statement.