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Tool Rental Offers Many Advantages Over Purchasing

Tool Rental is Here and Going Strong!


Tool Rental is here!  We opened up the front of our store for renting tools.  Springhill and the surrounding communities are underserved from the standpoint of tool rental, and it's time we offer options to meet this specific need.  So many times our customers need a specific tool, but purchasing that tool seems impractical due to the use it will receive.  No one wants to purchase a hammerdrill to drill three holes in a concrete project.  But renting the same tool is practical and much more cost effective.  Sure it is possible to drive to a major city to rent a tool, but considering that the customer must drive to the location, drive back, and repeat this two-way journey twice amounts to a considerable amount of time and expense. 

Let's also look at another advantage of rental; suppose you need a tool that normally ranges in cost between $150 and $800.  Let's also say you decide to purchase this tool for a job that will take around 2 hours, after which the tool must be stored for months or years until the next usage.  If rented, the tool is far more likely to be at the higher end of the cost spectrum, and thus work much better than the lower priced tool the customer may have opted for using.  So the advantages often reflect a higher quality tool, capable of doing a much more professional job.  Tool rental is a win-win for our customers, and we are getting excited about this offering.